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Archived changelogs

This page is a summary of old changelogs. Only the most important changes are listed.


Core / GUI#

  • Bybit support: you can now trade futures on Bybit
  • New strategies: spotGrid, futuresGrid, spotGridAdvanced, tenkan
  • Custom strategies: code your own trading strategies with JavaScript
  • DCA method for futures trading: every futures strategy can now use the Tenkan method to DCA
  • Improved profit and loss stats: in telegram alerts and in the interface


  • Fix various order execution problems
  • Fix issue in "prevent crossover" when adding pairs with AutoConfig
  • Fix various GUI bugs


Core / GUI#

  • Completely new GUI: improved performance, easier to use, better charting, improved trading terminal, more stats, additional config wizard for novice users
  • Seamless config changes: pair cycling is no longer interrupted when a config change happens. New settings take effect the next cycle
  • New partner exchanges: Bitget and Nash
  • New strategy for spot trading: Support / Resistance
  • PND close: an alternative to ROE trailing to aim for bigger profits in margin strategies. PND attempts to wait until a move plays out before closing position
  • Alternate ROE trailing method for margin strats: with ROE_SCALPER the trailing range is an absolute ROE value
  • Liquidity maker for spot trading: provide liquidity and profit from bid/ask spread
  • Easier config sharing: import parts of config.js or autoconfig.json using the GUI
  • Store more order history: to improve profit/loss calculations and prevent unneeded "bought price" warnings, the complete order history is now locally saved over time
  • TradingView alerts: option to change strategy by alert, enable TV_TRADING_LIMIT_CAP for Bitmex, better handling of multiple incoming emails
  • Alerts (beta): build your own strategy in a visual way using built-in TradingView charts

New in v20.7:#

  • New exchanges supported: FTX, Beaxy and Txbit
  • Coin margined futures: now supported on Binance Futures. Set market type: delivery
  • Improved resource usage and cycling speed: migrating from Node v9 to v14. Delete your gunbotgui.db file and set a new password to take full advantage
  • Improved profit and loss stats: in telegram alerts and in the interface
  • Improved GUI styling and behavior: stability fixes, performance improvements, and saving more state info to local storage

Market Maker#

  • New strategy variants: Grid, Support/Resistance, Fibonacci, Pullback, One Scalper, x125 & Moto


  • Editor and stats in the GUI: every single AutoConfig feature is now editable through the GUI, every config change is visible on the AutoConfig dashboard
  • More filter types: add pairs with linear regression filters, more options to filter your own variables
  • Use your own logic: most values in Autoconfig jobs can now optionally use custom JavaScript expressions. Expressions have access to almost all internal bot data
  • Silent mode: disable console logs for AutoConfig


  • Numerous exchange specific trading execution fixes
  • Fix closelong / closeshort alerts for Kraken Futures and Binance Futures
  • Work around Kraken cloudflare issue in ccxt library
  • Add support for all new pairs on Kraken (on other exchange this happens automatically)
  • Prevent firing orders if MM bots receive sudden strange balance or ROE values
  • Fix problem that prevented proper handover from DU to RT

Fixed in v20.7#

  • Fix MM orders at Bitget
  • Various GUI bugfixes and small improvements
  • Automatic fetching of pair lists for Binance Futures and Kraken
  • Fix problem with execution of stop limit orders on Binance Futures
  • Fix problem with execution of short alerts with TradingView add-ons
  • Fix 'length of undefined' error that sometimes caused a restart when trying to read the gui auth databased



  • Fixed all pending reports for OKEx and Kraken Futures trading competitions
  • Various fixes for XRP pairs on Kraken Futures
  • Fix binanceFutures for Market Maker
  • Re-enable dudone: true in pair states
  • Fix cycling issues with EOS
  • Fix Binance futures close orders issues
  • fix Tradingview alerts for binance futures
  • Fix Kraken pairs not getting balances
  • Fix kumex grid for Market Maker
  • Autoconfig, fix non-existing check for pair passed filters for changing delay with manageOverrides job
  • Fix Autoconfig support for ARM



  • Support for our exchange: Gunthy
  • New partner exchange: Binance
  • New Autoconfig features:
    • New filter: linear regression channel
    • Option to filter on pair variables from another exchange
  • Support for Bittrex credits: automatically used when enabled at Bittrex and there is a balance for BTXCRD

New features / changes#

  • New partner exchange: Kraken Futures partnered with Gunbot and is now fully supported in Gunbot.
  • Many new Autoconfig features:
    • Reduce average processing time for jobs with ticker filters.
    • Add an option to reset user variables, without having to create a separate job for it.
    • New filter types:
      • bearishStandardDeviationChannel (+ *History variants)
      • many time based filters
      • filters based on last order type for specific pairs
      • strategy name filter
      • variableNotExist: to check if a variable is not set
      • allowsHedging: only add pairs that allow for direct hedging between a specified hedge pair
    • Per pair user variables, allowing you to create pair specific interactions between jobs.
    • Option to disable Telegram notifications per job.
    • Option to change exchange delay with a manageOverrides job.
    • New job types:
      • manageBotSettings: to make changes in global bot settings
      • hedgeGB & hedgeGB2 allow for hedging with Gunbot


  • Fix UTA for H20/M20 pair on Bitmex.
  • Better tuning for timely fetching Kucoin tickers.
  • Fix many profit calculations in CryptoSight, fix admin rights issue.
  • Add support for ALGO and USDC pairs on Kraken.
  • Fix TV being stuck after an incoming close alert when there is no position to close.
  • Better handling of DU count.
  • Fix an issue with TakeProfit that sometimes made it falsely trigger when prices moved up.
  • Autoconfig fixes:
    • Fix backtesting for jobs using *History filters.
    • Fix issue with processing Huobi tickers in case new pairs are introduced on the exchange.
    • Better handling of removing the last pair on an exchange.
    • Fix parsing of markdown elements in telegram alerts.
    • Automatically purge old history data when history value in config gets reduced.
    • Also look for mvts value in pair overrides.
  • Various fixes that improve performance on Kraken Futures


New features / changes#

  • Trading fees setting moves to exchange section: for easier strategy handling, the TRADING_FEES setting is now configurable per exchange. It's no longer a strategy setting.
  • Limit orders for TradingView add-on: optionally you can now let the TradingView add-on place limit orders instead of market orders.
  • Pre-release of AutoConfig: with AutoConfig you can automate all kinds of things you previously could only do by hand. For example you can use it automatically add high volume trading pairs, assign a bag handling strategy for pairs that are not performing well, or automatically update pair overrides. It's called a pre-release because there no GUI for it yet, it's fully functional though.


  • Bring back Telegram integration for the ARM edition.
  • Porting many small exchange fixes from bitRage to Gunbot.
  • Fix an issue that could cause unwanted restarts on Poloniex.
  • Fix "bought already" problem that prevented trading for some users.
  • Fix two long standing bugs that caused trailing to sometimes not trigger an order.
  • Fix an issue on Kraken and Bittrex that caused all pairs to wait when there was an open order for a single pair.
  • Fix an issue that could sometimes invert ROE on Bitmex.
  • Fix for TV stoploss alerts.

v13 / v14#

New features#

  • New exchanges: Gunbot now supports trading on Idax and Cobinhood. Please note that Cobinhood only has an API key, not an API secret - use an IP restriction for your key for added security.
  • Restrict buying with SMACROSS : you can now restrict SMACROSS to only place a single buy order, instead of buying on every cross up. Set SINGLE_BUY true to only allow a single buy order.
  • Improved privacy for Cryptosight: restrict who is allowed to view and interact with your Telegram bot. Use the admin_id setting to specify one or more user IDs that are allowed to use your Telegram bot.
  • Improved GUI template: better optimized for mobile usage, different color schemes and support for setting a custom highlight color.
  • Changes to margin trading on Bitfinex (TV add-on): all amounts should now be specified in quote.
  • Different alert syntax for closing positions on Bitmex (TV add-on): longs are now closed with CLOSELONG_, shorts with CLOSESHORT_ instead of CLOSE_ for both.
  • New path for log files: per pair log files are now saved in the /gunbot_logs folder.

Additional changes in patch release (v14)#

  • Improved ROE calculation for Bitmex: values now closely match the leveraged ROE values on Bitmex itself. If you're unsure what value to use in Gunbot, refer to the examples on the margin strategy pages for ROE.
  • TradingView alerts on Bitmex Testnet: email alerts can now also be used on Testnet.
  • Close entire positions on Bitmex using alerts: enable TV_CLOSE_ALL to close an entire position when a close alert arrives, instead of closing the amount specified in trading limit settings.
  • SL_DISABLE_SELL : Disabled the sell side after a short position hit STOP_LIMIT.
  • Lending Rate (Poloniex): Allow for entering a maximum lending rate for margin positions.


  • Better support for new currencies on Kraken, whatever shitcoin they are going to list, Gunbot will be ready to trade without needing an update
  • Fix reversed orders array at Bittrex and Huobi
  • Fix an issue that would cause multiple buys at Binance
  • Fix an issue that would wrongly calculate trading map values on Binance
  • Improve backward compatibility of ABP calculations
  • Fix Huobi ABP
  • Fix "lowerCase of undefined" error
  • Improve SMACROSS behavior
  • Cancel all stop orders if ROE is reached, on Bitmex
  • Various fixes for manual orders through the GUI
  • Fix buy/sell stop orders on Bitmex, for both market and limit orders.
  • Fix STOP_LIMIT sometimes not working on Kraken
  • Fix stop orders triggering "waiting for open orders"
  • Fix Tl_ALLIN for long orders on Bitmex.
  • Fix MACD-H display on custom strat
  • Fix "toLowerCase" error
  • Available funds are now used only after an RT_SELL.
  • Fix FUNDS_RESERVE not being respected
  • Fix clientId issue on KuCoin
  • If a buy gets canceled then set off double buy protection.
  • Correct an error that sometimes caused orders to be cancelled too early
  • Improved triggering of DU orders
  • Fix RT_SELL, RT_BUY triggering
  • Fix "just bought"
  • Fix price precision for CoinBase Pro

Additional fixes in patch release (v14)#

  • Fix rate NaN for some stop orders
  • Fix invalid tickSize for limit orders at Bitmex with USD-ETH.
  • Fix market sell orders with stop sell higher than zero.
  • Fix an issue that would keep stacking orders at Bitmex.
  • Fix an issue that would send wrong quantity for market buy at Bitmex.
  • Fix an issue that would silently fail to send sell market orders at Bitmex.
  • Fix to "min volume not matched" message.
  • Fix tick size for stop orders.
  • Fix Huobi fiat pairs
  • Fix stop order being sent at ask for stop buy.
  • Show MARKET_CLOSE in the GUI if is margin strat.
  • Fix ROE_TRAILING priority over ROE close.
  • Fix stop loss when a position is not even built yet because of exchanges delay.
  • Fix "just bought" not resetting, preventing further trades.
  • Fix ROE close and ROE trailing.
  • Fix send sell at ask and buy at bid, for certain trades.
  • Various fixes for order rounding and price precision for different exchanges.

TradingView add-on bugfixes#

  • Fix TV plugin LONG orders amounts
  • Fix TV buy order at Bittrex
  • Fx an issue that would prevent some buy orders at Bitfinex using TV plugin
  • Fix CLOSELONG,CLOSESHORT for Bitfinex. All amounts for Bitfinex margin are now defined in quote
  • Better respect order amounts in LONG and SHORT alerts on Bitfinex.
  • Fix occasional errors for LONG,SHORT,CLOSELONG,CLOSESHORT on Bitmex.

GUI changes#

Notable bugfixes and changes to the GUI:

  • New style and searchable dropdown selections
  • Add GUI Tone color-picker in theme
  • Fix navbar default active tab
  • Fix imap tooltips
  • Add themes for mobile
  • Add Notification panel for mobile
  • Update jquery cdn
  • Major graphic update
  • Improve mobile layout
  • Redesign login page
  • Update all the setting sections
  • Improved tooltip texts
  • Hide ROE_CLOSE for strategies that don't use it

Telegram changes#

Notable changes to the Telegram bot:

  • Fix notification profit percentage
  • Hide wrong data in overview with multiple base
  • Ability to restrict Cryptosight access to one or more Telegram users
  • Fix creation/deletion of pairs. Changes are saved after going back to the main menu.
  • Show contracts and liquidation price for margin


New features / changes#

  • Bitmex support: Gunbot now supports leveraged trading at Bitmex and Bitmex testnet. The new PRE_ORDER function lets you get ahead of the order book to increase the chance limit orders get filled. With MAKER_FEES all trades can be placed as post only orders, making Gunbot a market maker!
  • Margin trading strategies: Strategies for Bitmex offer triggers to go long, short, stop and close on the desired ROE - or trail ROE up!
  • Blockchain license verification: Using GUNTHY token, it is now possible to self-manage your API keys for free.
  • Improved ichimoku: Both the regular and margin version of the ichimoku strategy got a lot more powerful, you can now choose to open and close trades using either Tenkan-Sen, Kumo or Kijun-Sen.
  • Market orders: Option to use market orders instead of limit orders, customizable for all order types. Works on exchanges that support Market orders: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Poloniex.
  • List view in GUI dashboard: New list view for pairs on the dashoard: all relevant info in one quick overview, improves load times especially for setups with many trading pairs.
  • Chart improvements: The GUI can now show all Gunbot supported indicators. Trading targets are now shown in charts.
  • Renko candles: You can now use Renko candles instead of regular candle sticks (Currently only works for margin trading with ichimoku).
  • Deprecating CANCEL_ORDERS_CYCLE_CAP except when using MAKER_FEES: orders are now only automatically cancelled if bid/ask are above/below the order rate.
  • Retain GUI access on startup errors: Automatically stop Gunbot core when ran without pairs. If startup errors occur, a Telegram notification is sent and core gets stopped.
  • Dark theme for the settings page: the settings page in the GUI is now dark.
  • Renamed executables: the main executable files got renamed to be more coherent between operating systems.
  • Various small changes


Many critical issues were already patched in the bugfix releases for v11. Notable new fixes:

  • Fix an issue that would not save some settings changes made in the GUI.
  • Work around Binance "minPrice" / "maxPrice" being 0.
  • Improved handling of PAX & TUSD as base currency.
  • Improved handling of sell orders at Binance.
  • Fixes to SMACROSS, MACD and MACDH that prevented trades in specific conditions.
  • Fix "RSI undefined" callback.
  • Make sure a pair actually sold before letting COUNT_SELL disable it.
  • Fix support for TUSD as base currency at Binance.
  • Fix libraries for Raspberry Pi support.
  • Reduced data/resource usage for the GUI.
  • Workaround for an issue with Bitfinex not accepting close orders.
  • Fix an issue that reset DU count after a partial sell order.
  • Fix an issue with marging trading through TV add-on on Huobi.
  • Various smaller fixes.
  • Fixes non triggering behavior of: SL_DISABLE_BUY, RT_ONCE, RT_ONCE_AND_CONTINUE and COUNT_SELL
  • Fix amounts for long orders on Bitmex when using MARKET_BUY or TradingView alerts.


New features#

  • Huobi support: Gunbot now supports trading at Huobi.
  • Improved indicators and charts: tuning of indicators to better match TradingView, indicators shown in the GUI now match the indicator data Gunbot works with.
  • Mobile optimization: the GUI is now optimized for use on mobile devices.
  • TV margin trading: margin trading using the TradingView add-on is now supported at Huobi and Bitfinex.
  • Multiple base: the new MULTIPLE_BASE lets you trade the same coin with multiple base currencies.
  • Override trading limit for TV: specify the trading limit in buy alerts to override your config: BUY_POLONIEX_BTC-ETH_0.01
  • Stop trading after a number of sell orders: with COUNT_SELL you can disable trading after a configurable number of executed strategy sell orders.
  • Automatically disable bought price override: you can now leave a BOUGHT_PRICE in place after you've set it, it is automatically disabled as soon as a valid price is available at the exchange.
  • Configurable buyback level for RT: with RT_BUY_UP_LEVEL you can specify when to buy back quote units, in previous versions this was hardcoded to the break-even point.
  • Ichimoku: implement DISPLACEMENT.
  • Improved portfolio value calculation: portfolio value calculation no longer depends on a third party conversion service.
  • Stop limit / panic sell orders as market: where supported, stop limit orders are now placed as market orders to increase the likelyhood of filling them asap.
  • Gain protection for all strategies: every sell method can now optionally use gain protection.
  • Stepgain XTrend: the use of XTrend to confirm orders with stepgain is now optional, trading without this confirmation roughly equals the legacy stepgain behavior.
  • Numerical DCA method: Double Up can now be used without any indicators, working purely with price changes.
  • Never buy above: only allow buy orders at a configurable percentage below the last sell rate.
  • New strategy presets: every new installation now includes several new strategy presets.


Most critical issues were already patched in the bugfix releases for v10. Notable new fixes:

  • Improved load times for the GUI on the dasbhoard and charts pages. Mitigating timeout errors during GUI load.
  • Allow Bittrex International users to use Gunbot on the new platform.
  • Several fixes for KEEP_QUOTE.
  • Depreciating the separate RT process for stepgain. The normal RT process is now used.
  • Fix several issues where partially filled orders would mess with RT.


New features#

  • Completely new GUI: integrated in the main Gunthy executable: easier installation, easier settings management, easier pair management, dashboard with portfolio overview, detailed charts, manual trading, 2FA & more!
  • KuCoin support: Gunbot now supports trading at KuCoin.
  • Faster pair cycling: cycling got over 40% faster. Parallel cycling for pairs from multiple exchanges in one Gunbot instance.
  • Much improved Reversal trading: full rework of how reversal trading works for various strategies, now enabling you to keep on accumulating after the market first drops then goes sideways. Airdrop is now depreciated.
  • New strategies: Average Directional Index, Average True Range Trailing Stop, Bollinger Bands (TA), EMA spread, Time series analysis. Previously beta strategies are now considered stable: MACD, MACDH and SMA cross.
  • Freely combine any strategy: all strategies can now be freely combined for buying and selling, including Emotionless, Ichimoku and previously custom strategies.
  • New balance options: Option to set trading limit as a percentage, option to keep an amount of quote when selling.
  • New confirming indicators: ADX, EMASPREAD, StochRSI.
  • New triggers for Stochastic and RSI: both can now be used in oscillator or cross mode.
  • Valid P/L calculations for each pair: daily, weekly and monthy stats available. Separate P/L stats for reversal trading.
  • Disable/enable pairs: trading pairs can now be disabled without removing them from your configuration, they won't cycle until reenabled.
  • Improved RSI calculation: tuning RSI calculation to get closer to values at exchanges and TradingView.
  • Separate period settings for all indicators: all indicators now have their own period settings, removing the dependency on SMAPERIOD.
  • Kumo sentiments for Ichimoku: choose if trades with Ichimoku are allowed to take place below/under Kumo.
  • Xtrend tuning: the trendwatcher for Stepgain got tuned to behave less laggy.
  • Take Buy / Take Profit: introducing a way to also buy and sell when prices came close to strategy entry or exit points.
  • Test Telegram notifications: after setting up Telegram notifications you can now send a test message.
  • Confirm orders via Telegram: you can optionally confirm if Gunbot should place specific orders via Telegram.
  • TradingView add-on improvements: implementing TV_MVTS and an option to use all available base balance for each buy order. Margin positions on Poloniex can now be closed with an alert. Better handling of mixed automatic/manual trading. Mixed mode for trading with TradingView alerts and Gunbot strategies simultaneously.
  • Migrate GDAX to API keys for GDAX remain valid for Coinbase Pro. Trades on Coinbase Pro are placed as post only orders.
  • Logs: each trading pair now generates a single logfile that is easier to read. Built-in logrotate keeps log size to a minimum.
  • Wiki: almost completely rewritten. Added Portuguese language.


  • Fix P/L calculation in Telegram notifications.
  • Mitigate "Timeout" issue.
  • Fix issue preventing orders for low satoshi valued coins.
  • Various fixes for the TradingView add-on, notably improved handling of multiple incoming orders with TradingView add-on.
  • Fix buying/selling behavior on previously custom strats like SMACROSS, EMASPREAD and MACD.
  • Fix locked funds.
  • Save trailing limits so they don't get lost on restarts.
  • Using max array length to calculate indicators in case exchanges send less candles then expected.
  • Literally hundreds of other bugfixes.


Core changes#

  • GDAX support: Gunbot now supports trading at GDAX.
  • Reversal trading: Enables trading in downtrends by accumulating quote currency without investing extra base.
  • New indicators: You can now use the Stochastic oscillator and per pair MFI as additional confirmation in all strategies.
  • TrailMe: Most strategies can now use TSSL-style trailing. Additionally, you can use trailing for reversal trading and double up.
  • Custom strategies (beta): Introducing custom strategies. In this first release of custom strategies it is possible to define your own strategy based on SMA-cross, MACD or MACDH - optionally combined with MFI, RSI or Stochastic.
  • Trading fees: You can now define the fees Gunbot needs to account for in TRADING_FEES. GAIN is now a percentage above the expected fees paid.
  • Pair suggestions: Based on trading volume and volatility, Gunbot suggests possible good pairs to trade on.
  • Automatic retry for TV orders: Implementing RETRY_TV_ORDER to automatically retry orders when processing multiple alerts.
  • TradingView: Introducing margin trading at Poloniex. All buy orders are now placed as market orders.
  • Dust handling: MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL is expressed in base currency again.

GUI changes#

  • Performance improvements: much better responsiveness, reduced CPU load and memory usage.
  • New design: new dark color theme, various design refinements.
  • Native charts: charts based on the same data Gunbot processes, including trades visualization.
  • Log rotation: automatic rotation of out.log files. No more "empty logs" errors.


  • Fixes for multiple orders on TV: improved handling of multiple incoming signals.
  • Kraken: Multiple fixes for Kraken.
  • Bittrex: Fixing "Available of undefined" error.
  • Emotionless Fixing various issues with Emotionless.
  • TSSL: Prevent selling while price is still in range. Preventing buy orders above lowest EMA.
  • "Waiting for open orders": Fixing an issue where the bot would wait for open orders, even if orders got deleted.
  • RSI calculation: improved RSI calculation when OKKIES_MODE is disabled.
  • Kraken: Fix for Kraken candles.
  • Unable to check master key": Better error handling. The *Unable to check master key" now only occurs on local errors (wrong pair, wrong api key, etc.).
  • Binance: using instead of
  • Reduce data usage and API calls: dramatically reduce the amount of API calls and data usage while still updating indicators each cycle. Deprecating TA_ALWAYS_ON.
  • TV charts (GUI) showing charts and pair data faster on the dashboard.
  • Dashboard: Fixing order notifications with a volume of 0.


Core changes#

  • New exchange: Gunbot now support trading at
  • Native Telegram trade notifications: receive notifications on Telegram of every trade Gunbot places. Works on all exchanges and includes (USD) profit per trade, as well as current DU count.
  • Calculate indicator data each cycle: with TA_ALWAYS_ON enabled, indicator data is calculated each cycle instead of each period. Only use this if you have unmetered bandwidth available.
  • Separate RSI level for DU: with RSI_DU_BUY you can set a different RSI level for Double Up buy orders.
  • Timeout for order recalculation: with CANCEL_ORDERS_CYCLE_CAP you can set the number of cycles to wait before Gunbot can cancel open oders.
  • Reserve pile up: automatically add your profits to your funds reserve.
  • Optional: withdraw BTC profits you can now automatically withdraw your BTC profits. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Pyramid buying for TV add-on the TradingView add-on now support pyramid buying.

GUI changes#

  • Running multiple instances: you can now run multiple setups from the GUI, each setup runs it's own Gunbot instance.
  • TradingView charts for Binance: added support for loading TradingView charts for Binance pairs.
  • TradingView charts and basic stats on dashboard: each pair on the dashboard now shows TradingView charts, basic Gunbot stats and trade notifications.
  • Improved onboarding: it is now much easier to walk through the essential first steps of setting up Gunbot.
  • Various smaller improvements: better grouping of items on the settings page, PM2 is no longer used, improved description texts for strategy parameters.


  • Parsing Bittrex history using PricePerUnit (Actual Price) instead of Limit.
  • Improved handling of promise rejections.
  • Fix trading for coins with no recent trading history.
  • Fix bittrex "available of undefined".
  • Round down amounts to sell at Cryptopia (workaround for an issue at Cryptopia).
  • Fix an issue that would trigger soft reboot too early.
  • Allow panic sells during safety switch period.
  • Fix "Already bought enough" issue for TradingView add-on.
  • Fix Ichimoku strategy: buy/sell on TENKAN and KIJU crossing above and below KUMO (confirmed by KUMO sentiments).
  • Fix Double Up if a partial sell is filled
  • Fix an issue that would emit websocket for buy order before the order is actually placed
  • Improved calculation of average bought price.
  • Always log average bought price on console.
  • Fix for trading at Kraken.
  • Fix forever "waiting for open orders" issue


Core changes#

  • New exchange: Gunbot now supports trading on Binance.
  • New strategies: introduction of the Emotionless strategy. based on the Ichimoku cloud. This strategy "just works" and has no user configurable parameters, except tradings limits and the use of Double Up. Additionally, the Ichimoku strategy has been added.
  • Improved speed and data usage: more market data is saved offline, massively increasing cycling speed and reducing data usage.
  • Secondary API key: you can now activate a new API key without help from the support admins!
  • Double Up improvements: you can now limit the amount of times Double Up buys, choose between HIGH BB and RSI as triggers for averaging down and set a % below last bought price for Double Up buy orders to be placed.
  • Easier pair syntax: pair notation now has the same syntax for all exchanges.
  • Funds reserve: new parameter to keep an amount of base currency reserved at all times, not available for trades by Gunbot.
  • RSI: Adding RSI to (almost) all strategies, as an optional extra trigger for buying and/or selling.
  • Gain: new default values for Gain.
  • TSSL: various fixes.
  • Stepgain: improved strategy tuning.
  • TradingView: fixes for handling multiple incoming trading signals.
  • Logs: various log changes.
  • Various: Cache cleaning no longer triggers the safety switch.
  • Various: fix an issue that would fail to show base currency balance.
  • Various: many bugfixes for smaller issues.

GUI changes#

  • Pair syntax validation: pairs added to a setup are now checked for proper syntax.
  • Upgrades: improved upgrade experience by the option to keep db.sqlite between versions
  • TradingView charts: fix charts for Kraken and Bitfinex. Disable charts for Cryptopia and Binance (not supported by TradingView).
  • API Keys: improved API key management.
  • Various: added version number to the interface.
  • Various: improved handling of wrong passwords.

New in v6#

New strategies#

  • BB-RSI: Trade on combined BB and RSI indicators, making sure buy orders are only placed on oversold market conditions, and sell orders are only placed when the market is overbought.
  • TSSL: Introducing the concept of trailing stop - stop loss for buy and sell orders. Buy lower, sell higher! Maximize your gains by trailing price movements and only buy or sell when the trend has reached its tipping point.


  • Much improved indicator calculation: market info is now automatically pulled from Gunthy API when not available on the exchange, enabling fast and accurate calculation of indicators like Bollinger Bands.
  • Predictable pair cycling: Gunbot now cycles through your pairs in the same sequence as in your configuration. You can prioritize pairs by changing the order in your configuration.
  • New trend watcher for stepgain: Xtreme Trend Watcher does what it's supposed to do and is configurable by setting PERIOD and SMAPERIOD to your desired timeframe.
  • Configurable ratio for averaging down: with DOUBLE_UP_CAP you can set a ratio for each DOUBLE_UP buy order, compared to your current balance for your pair. Use this if you want to average down in a slower, more controlled way.
  • New configurable trades timeout: with TRADES_TIMEOUT you can define the minimum amount of time between trades for a pair, eliminating double buy orders during normal trading or fast consecutive buy orders when averaging down.