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New in v24.3.2

Gunbot v24.3.2 includes new new strategy options, a mobile app for Ultimate (unlimited slots) users, and much more. Only the most important changes are listed on this page.

Steps to upgrade
  • download the full release file
  • Unzip to a new folder
  • Copy the /json folder over from the old to new folder, to ensure order history is kept
  • Copy your existing config.js and optionally tgconfig.json (to keep telegram bot settings) from the previous to the new Gunbot folder
  • Run Gunbot from the new folder

New features#

  • Stepgrid: add optional protection against losing partial sell orders
  • Stepgridhybrid: several new default settings to automatically trade less in bearish markets, and allow for more custom trading behavior
  • Stepgridhedge: new 15m/1h based trend mode to determine the side to trade. Option to configure the previously hardcoded buydown rate.
  • Futuresgrid: add 4h and 15m/1h trend variants as a way to determine trading side. Configurable minimum buydown option.
  • Chart timescale marks: show trades, pnl and strategy actions per candle
  • GUI notifications for grid strategies: easily get strategy info like why an order was not placed at a certain time
  • Option to hide all balance data in GUI: want to show off your bot, but not show your balances? Now you can
  • Improve trading settings configurator: search function for individual settings, add support for viewing and editing user defined strategy parameters
  • Option to disable S/R lines on chart: you can now disable the previously hardcoded support and resistance lines on the chart, using the chart right click settings dialog
  • Custom strategies: new methods to define completely custom chart lines, timescale marks and GUI notifications
  • Mobile app: Android & iOS app for all users with a Gunbot Ultimate (unlimited slots) license. Easily monitor many bot instances.

Experimental new features#

These are expected to be in active development in the coming time.

  • Webhook support for TradingView add-on: receive alerts by webhooks intead of email
  • Gunbot simulator: simulated trading with real strategies and market data, with fake money and no risks

Bugfixes / Improvements#

  • Fix OKX market buy orders
  • Fix OKX/okGunbot telegram notifications charts link
  • Fix for bittrex market orders
  • Fix problem that didn't show parts of console logs (like console.error) in the GUI debug logs
  • Fix problem with PNL calculation on OKX with market order that filled in several parts
  • Trading settings: fix several conditions that could crash the page
  • Fix issue in GUI api key validation that could let unvalid keys get verified.
  • Setup page: fix problem that prevented entering exchange delay >60s.