New in v16.7+
Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot v16.7+
Gunbot v16.9 adds several new features and fixes known issues.


There are no config changes for v16.9 In case you are upgrading from v16, replacing only the executable file (gunthy-win.exe / gunthy-linux / gunthy-macos / gunthy-arm) is all that's needed to upgrade.
In case you are upgrading from an older version, refer to the changelogs of previous versions for instructions, or start with a fresh installation.

New features / changes in v16.9

    Support for our exchange: Gunthy****
    New partner exchange: Binance
    New Autoconfig features:
      New filter: linear regression channel
      Option to filter on pair variables from another exchange
    Support for Bittrex credits: automatically used when enabled at Bittrex and there is a balance for BTXCRD

New features / changes in v16.7

    New partner exchange: Kraken Futures partnered with Gunbot and is now fully supported in Gunbot.
    Many new Autoconfig features:
      Reduce average processing time for jobs with ticker filters.
      Add an option to reset user variables, without having to create a separate job for it.
      New filter types:
        bearishStandardDeviationChannel (+ *History variants)
        many time based filters
        filters based on last order type for specific pairs
        strategy name filter
        variableNotExist: to check if a variable is not set
        allowsHedging: only add pairs that allow for direct hedging between a specified hedge pair
      Per pair user variables, allowing you to create pair specific interactions between jobs.
      Option to disable Telegram notifications per job.
      Option to change exchange delay with a manageOverrides job.
      New job types:
        manageBotSettings: to make changes in global bot settings
        hedgeGB & hedgeGB2 allow for hedging with Gunbot

Gunbot core bugfixes

Notable fixes:
    Fix UTA for H20/M20 pair on Bitmex.
    Better tuning for timely fetching Kucoin tickers.
    Fix many profit calculations in CryptoSight, fix admin rights issue.
    Add support for ALGO and USDC pairs on Kraken.
    Fix TV being stuck after an incoming close alert when there is no position to close.
    Better handling of DU count.
    Fix an issue with TakeProfit that sometimes made it falsely trigger when prices moved up.
    Autoconfig fixes:
      Fix backtesting for jobs using *History filters.
      Fix issue with processing Huobi tickers in case new pairs are introduced on the exchange.
      Better handling of removing the last pair on an exchange.
      Fix parsing of markdown elements in telegram alerts.
      Automatically purge old history data when history value in config gets reduced.
      Also look for mvts value in pair overrides.
    Various fixes that improve performance on Kraken Futures
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