New in v18
Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot v18
Gunbot v18 is primarily a bugfix release, patching known issues.


There are no config changes for v18 In case you are upgrading from v16.x, replacing only the executable file (gunthy-win.exe / gunthy-linux / gunthy-macos / gunthy-arm) is all that's needed to upgrade.
In case you are upgrading from an older version, refer to the changelogs of previous versions for instructions, or start with a fresh installation.

Changes in v18

    Fixed all pending reports for OKEx and Kraken Futures trading competitions
    Various fixes for XRP pairs on Kraken Futures
    Fix binanceFutures for Market Maker
    Re-enable dudone: true in pair states
    Fix cycling issues with EOS
    Fix Binance futures close orders issues
    fix Tradingview alerts for binance futures
    Fix Kraken pairs not getting balances
    Fix kumex grid for Market Maker
    Autoconfig, fix non-existing check for pair passed filters for changing delay with manageOverrides job
    Fix Autoconfig support for ARM
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