Strategies & pairs
How to quickly change strategies or add trading pairs from the browser interface.
To trade in Gunbot you create or edit a trading strategy, then add one or more trading pairs and assign the strategy to execute. There are easy and advanced editors available for adding pairs and strategies.
A trading pair always executes a single trading strategy. On the pair level, it is possible to override individual strategy settings.

Easy edit

A combined strategy and pair editor for novice users. It guides through all essential steps to select a trading pair and to create a spot trading strategy.
This editor shows a limited number of options, focusing only on the essentials.

Strategy editor

The strategy editor can be used to create or modify any kind of spot or futures strategy.

Trading pairs

On the pairs page you can add, disable or remove trading pairs. Additionally you can make pair specific overrides to individual settings within a strategy.
Pairs can be added manually, or by using filter rules to quickly add pairs - for example - matching your volume requirements.
Last modified 11mo ago