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Strategy editor

A strategy in Gunbot is a collection of settings that can be assigned to one or more trading pairs. These pairs will then trade according to the assigned settings.

On Strategies you can view and modify strategy presets, or create your own custom strategies.


Make sure to read up on Gunbot strategies before you start trading.

On the strategy pages you can find detailed explanations for each buy and sell method, as well as documentation for all available strategy parameters.

Create a new strategy#

Set a nickname for your strategy (this can be anything you want, but don't use blank spaces in the nickname), and select the main methods for buying and selling. Hit the Create button to save the new strategy.

You can create an unlimited number of strategies.

Modify an existing strategy#

Click on a strategy nickname to edit its settings.

Duplicating and renaming strategies#

When you duplicate a strategy a copy is created with a random tag at the end of the strategy name.

When you rename a strategy, strategy assignment for pairs does not get automatically updated. If you want to use a renamed strategy on existing pairs, make sure to assign the strategy to the pairs.

Editors for grid strategies, bitRage and Market Maker#

If you're a grid strategy, bitRage or Market Maker user, you can use the strategy editor in a different layout to manage the strategies for these modules.

Just create a new strategy with your preferred method as buy and sell method, and the strategy editor opens in a different layout showing only the relevant settings in categories that make sense for your strategy.