Connect exchange

How to connect Gunbot to your exchange account.

To be able to trade, you need to enter the exchange API key and secret, as well as the trading fees level for each exchange.

To enter these, go to Settings > Trading > Exchanges.

Select your exchange and fill in all the fields for this exchange.



Master Key

The API key registered to be used with Gunbot.

This is the key you've registered during an order, or have entered on the "swap exchanges" page. Each exchange has it's own master key.

This key may have read only access as long as you use a different Key for actual trading.


The API key used for trading, can be the same as Master Key.

This key must exist in the same exchange account as the Master Key.


The delay factor (in seconds) for processing pairs on this exchange.

Setting this to 10 should work in almost all cases, you can lower it later to speed up pair processing after you've verified that everything works.


Your API passphrase. Only relevant for gdax, kucoin and okex

In case you use a different trading key than your master key, make sure that both keys use the same passphrase.

Order types

This sets the trading fees paid to the exchange. Gunbot uses this data to calculate the break-even point.

Does your exchange charge 0.25% fees per trade? Then set this to 0.25. When your exchange has different fees for different types of trades, set the average fees per trade.

Trading fees are reflected in the average bought price. Exchanges only calculate fees after the trade comes in, Gunbot needs to know about fees before the trade is sent to the exchange.

This parameter is irrelevant for trading at Bitmex.


Values: numerical – represents a percentage

Default value: 0.25

Order types


Does not affect

Strategy sell

Strategy buy

Stop limit

RT buy

RT buyback

RT sell

DCA buy



Parameter name in config.js: TRADING_FEES