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Edit license

Gunbot Standard and above uses an API slot system. This allows you to update your registered API keys anytime or switch between different supported exchanges.

Various settings


Make sure you are actively running at least one pair when editing your license. For security reasons you will not see the option to edit your license when it's not actively running on an already registered API key.

Use this page to change which API keys you can use for trading

Register a new API key#

On the Edit license page you can see how many API slots your license has, and enter up to this number of API keys to be registered for use.

To register a new key, follow these steps:

  • Make sure to have an active trading pair running, without errors, on an already registered API key
  • Go to the Edit license page, select the exchange, enter your key and save the changes.
  • Refresh the page in case you don't see the form to update your keys.

After registering a key, you can use it as Master Key in your exchange settings.

if you've lost access to your last working API key, contact your reseller to update the registered key.


If you regularly switch between exchange accounts, it's easiest to leave your exchange API details in the exchange section for every exchange you plan to use.

Then when you want to switch, just copy the master key from there and enter it on the Swap Licensed exchanges page.