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Quickstart guide

Get your bot up and running, a brief guide / link collection for new Gunbot users.

1. Download software#

The latest stable version of Gunbot is always available on Github.

2. Install & startup#

The installation procedure is pretty straightforward, although there are slight differences between operating systems. The general steps are always the same:

  1. Unpack the zip file to a new folder
  2. On Mac and Linux: set executable permission for the program
  3. Depending on your firewall: allow TCP traffic on the port used for the interface (default port: 5000)
  4. Start executable file and visit the interface in your browser on: http://localhost:5000

Detailed steps per operating system:#






On Mac systems, expect to need to explicitly allow running various libraries used by Gunbot due to Gatekeeper restrictions.

3. Enter license data and connect an exchange#

Before you can start trading with the bot, the welcome wizard guides you through a few essential settings.

When you first start the interface, it will show a window that guides you through the initial setup of:

  • Entering the wallet address where you hold your Gunthy tokens
  • Connecting one exchange for which you've registered an API key after your order. Make sure to use the same API key as you've registered.
  • Enter the fee percentage for the exchange you're connecting. This is used for properly calculating the break even point of every single trade the bot makes. If you're unsure, look it up the right percentage in the support docs of your exchange. On Binance (spot) the default fee level is 0.1.

Pick "other" if your registered exchange is not listed on the setup wizard.
After saving, you can enter the exchange details on the profile page.

4. Add a trading pair and configure your first strategy#

The easiest way to get started with strategies in Gunbot is using the Easy edit wizard. This guides you through the steps of adding a trading pair and configuring a strategy to execute.

To configure the strategy, you can pick any of the included presets or enter a new name to create your own strategy.

Review your settings, then save the settings and hit the start trading button to run the bot you've just configured.

If you see a screen like this after starting trading, you're up and running. If the strategy has targets that can be translated to a price, you'd see the relevant targets right on the chart.

5. Ready to go. Keep reading to get the most out of your bot#

Your bot should now be up and running.

However, this is really just the beginning. There are a lot of strategy options, you should learn at least about the ones that will affect your trading strategy.

If you read through at least the following pages, you should quickly get a much clearer idea about how Gunbot actually works and how you can make it work for you.

General information#

Trading logic

Pair processing

Strategy editor

Essential info about strategies#

Essential balance settings

About Gunbot strategies